Welcome Devils to the JuJuverse

Home to 8,000 NFTs or Juju Devils (JDs) and other inter-dimensional Juju beings.

Band together and help save the Jujuverse from its horrible fate by ‘assuming’ your position as a JD on the Solana blockchain. You’ll join one of 8 factions, each with its own role to play. Unearth rewards strewn throughout the Jujuverse as you progress through your quests and advance in status.

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Many, many moons ago, a disastrous earthquake released a mystical substance from the depths with mysterious consequences. Unknown to anyone, this substance was fusing itself with age-old Bad JuJu around the areas it manifested, mutating and forming into a horde of 8,000 JuJu Devils (JDs). These JuJu Devils had unique characteristics according to the area of the land that they were spawned in, forming their own tribes.

The Future :

Once the JDs take their time and set-up camp, they’ll be able to summon Good JuJu to nullify the Bad JuJu covering the land and reduce it to JuJu crystals. Keep ‘em close, they’re valuable and can be traded for riches.

There have been rumours that more unidentified Bad JuJu beings and objects are out there. The JDs will be able to unveil and uncover these secrets as they progress in time and action over the phases.

Our beloved land has been corrupted by the infection of Bad Juju, and the plague is spreading.

Rally together Devils, for the JuJuverse needs your help!



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Stage 1

- 8,000 unique JuJu Devil NFTs created as the first residents of the upcoming JuJuverse

 - Building Discord and Twitter communities and creating engagement and 100 JuJu Devil NFT giveaways and collaborations will be spread throughout this period

Stage 2

- Pre-sale mint launched for whitelist members 24hrs prior to the public sale mint

- 30 free JD giveaway drop for 1st contest winners (info will be posted on 🎁-give-aways channel in our Discord server)

Stage 3

- Public mint launched

Stage 4

- Listing on Solanart

Stage 5

- $60,000 USD (in SOL) reward distribution - winners announced post mint 

- $30,000 USD between 2 lucky winners amongst first 2000 mints 

- $20,000 USD between 5 lucky winners amongst first 5000 mints 

- $10,000 USD between 5 lucky winners amongst first 8000 mints

Stage 6

- 1st 500 whitelist slots will receive FREE Crypt NFTs for their JuJu Devils, so HODL your Devils! (more info on Crypt NFT on ❓faq-s❔ channel in our Discord server) 

- 50 free JD giveaway drop for 2nd contest winners (info will be posted on 🎁-give-aways-🎁 channel in our Discord server)

- All the rest of the giveaways airdropped

Final Stage

- Rarity-check function introduced - Phase 2 Road Map announced (Play2Earn, Hold2Earn functions, JuJuverse Game)

Benefits & Utility

Exclusive Access to JuJuVerse Game

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Access to in Game Functions

Hold to earn

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Play to earn

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Participation in Initial Token Distribution

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Supreme Being





Dev Lead


The Juju Devils are NFTs on the Solana blockchain. 7,700 Juju Devils (JDs) are up for grabs, your passport into the Jujuverse and confirmation of citizenship.

We’re launching mid-Dec 2021, and mint price will be 1.3 SOL to all.

Please head on to  ⛓-official-info-and-links-🧬on our Discord

It is where your JuJu Devil will reside which will make them stronger to nullify higher amounts of bad JuJu.

There will be Whitelist A and B to reduce gas fees.

Find us also at NFT calendar.

8,000 JDs will be divided into 8 unique factions each of which come with their own personal traits. The JDs are stored as Solana tokens on the Solana blockchain.

Join our Discord channel and get into the eye of the storm. Everything you need to know about the Jujuverse, its inner-workings and JDs are explained in-depth. Be sure to head to ⛓-official-info-and-links-🧬, 🌞-how-to-whitelist-⏳, 🔈announcements-📣, 🤖-bot-commands-🤖, for further information and instructions on our Discord.