Terms & Conditions

The Juju Devils project was created by a group of disruptive pals with the aim of bringing together the community within a truly special space while working towards a common cause. We obviously want everyone to have fun and explore the Jujuverse’s potential to its fullest, but we also want to go over some housekeeping one more time. We know, we know… it can be a bore, but it can also save all of us a lot of unnecessary headaches down the line if we’re on the same page.

Bear in mind that when it comes to any and all actions relating to your NFTs, your wallet and any other transactions that come about, you’re solely responsible for your decisions. By using our website, you’re accepting that you abide by these terms and assume this responsibility at all times during transactions, interactions and other activities.

If you have any questions/ concerns at any point, just hop into our Discord and contact a team member.



  • You own your JD: Each JD lives on the Solana blockchain and ownership will be retained by you fully once you make the purchase. They will not be changed or altered in any way after release.
  • Personal use of NFTs: Solely for your own personal, non-commercial use, including in a marketplace permitting the sale and use of your NFT.



All financial transactions made through our website will be done only via the Solana network. Please note we have no liability or power over these transactions, including reversals. Each transaction will also have a gas fee attached to it.



These terms and conditions may be changed by us at any point as deemed fit, with no obligation to make any prior notifications of the same. Please ensure you come back and check this space for any updates/ changes to stay updated. Any such changes will immediately come into effect and be applicable for whatever duration of time. Continued use/ access of our website means you comply with all terms and conditions stipulated, as well voluntarily accept them.If this is in conflict, you may cease using our website. 



You bear complete responsibility for any tax liabilities that may arise as a result of minting or re-selling your JDs.



You agree that you’re either 18+ or above the legal age of your jurisdiction.



JuJu Devils isn’t collecting user data at the moment related to your use of the website. However, please note that the Solana blockchain is a public network where all your transaction history done via the website will be made public.



The team has, to the best of their ability, constructed the system to be as smooth as possible; however, as is sometimes the case with these things, something may not work the way it’s meant to. In such an event, you agree that you will not hold JuJu Devils responsible for any losses this may cause you.



Our vision for this project knows no bounds, and we’ve outlined its future plans to the best of our knowledge in our Roadmap. However, this is in no way, shape or form, a guarantee or promise for its future success or developments. The only promise we can make is that we will always work hard to expand the JuJuverse for our Devils everywhere. We grow together.

The JuJuverse can only be what it is because of you. We’re incredibly grateful to have you on this journey supporting us, so THANK YOU, have fun, and Happy Minting!